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Tarou Najimi is the brother of Osana Najimi & Natsuko Najimi.


Tarou has pink hair & brown eyes. He wears a school uniform, white coat & glasses.


If Tarou discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, he will go find his favorite teacher and show her the body. If you move the body out of their sight, the teacher will believe it was a prank and will become angry with the witness. The witness will then carry on with his/her day traumatized. If the teacher finds the body, the witness will wait with the teacher for the police as she looks at it. If Tarou discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, but someone is already calling the police, they will go hide in their seats.


Osana Najimi

She is the younger sister of him.

Natsuko Najimi

She is the same aged sister of him.

Cameron Brice

He is the younger brother-in-law of him.

Terris Bruce

He is the same aged brother-in-law of him.

Genta Nakahara

He has a crush on him.

Masako Oshiro

She had a crush on him along with Genta Nakahara.


Tarou likes to play with Terris since his childhood memories. He likes to do science in his class since middle school.


On September 21, 2018 Tarou has shot by Marvin Terrell. At 12:42PM Mida Rana & all the teachers saw the murder of Tarou & Genta. At 6:30PM police showed up at Akademi High School and convinced the shots fired on the 2nd floor. At 12:32AM police & FBi agents kicked the door of Marvin's house. The police arrested Marvin & Kalynda for murdering a student & has their guns taken away from the police. On September 29 Osana Najimi, Natsuko Najimi & Terris Bruce visited the funeral of Tarou & Genta. On October 2 Tarou is buried in Buraza Town cementery.


  • Tarou is a Science club member.
  • Tarou likes to hangout with his friend Terris