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Temai has dark purple, almost black hair with pink tips. Her hair is short and curled back. Her eyes are a nice and soft lavender. She has 3 ahoge with one being larger and more dominant. She sometimes wears headphones.


False Personality

Temai is a kind and warm person, however she is extremely gullible and too forgiving. She wants people to like her because of her family.

True nature

Temai is cold and sadistic, and rarely feels any emotions. She only feels Sadness and rage, as well as happiness when playing video games or with people she trusts. She has been broken by her father.


Temai had a terrible childhood. She was the last of 8 children so she didn't have wealth or luxury. She was abused by her father and her mother was too busy to help. She has scars and wounds due to this. She wants people to like her to make up for her parents. She receives a call every day throughout the course of the game; each week from a different person. Each person is someone close to her who is abusing and harming her: One of her teachers, her friend, her best friend, her brother, her fan, etc. And eventually her father again.

She will kill her father if he is brought to school.


Battle Chantelaine Sisters

She is friends with all 4 of the sisters and loves to game with them. Her best friend is Lematin. She publishes videos of their family's video-games and advertises them.

Her Father

She despises her father with all her heart. She wants to kill him.

Special Shishuta town OC

Im sorry. I can't quite tell you yet. We don't wanna spoil the FUN, do we?

Fun Girl

She has heard the rumours of the Fun Girl, but does not believe them.

Ai Sato

Her and Ai are friends.

Uses in game

If you prevent the people calling her from harming her, she will reward you greatly: she will only report murder if Ayano asks her to, will provide items without panty shots, will program signal interferences and more.


  • She was originally based on Temmie from undertale, but the only part that stuck was her name.
  • She will commit suicide if none of the people are stopped and she is bullied by Ayano.
  • Some kanji and Rōmaji found by TheFunGame: Kanji: テマイシャ Romanji:出迎えdemukaeてteシャンshan (You rule!) even though her name was just a mash up of words.
  • She has many stalkers, but this is due to her YouTube account.
    • Some have tried (and succeeded!) to break into her house
  • She has been tortured and abused by her father, one of her brothers, and her friends.


Her official deisgn, and Canon Art by Bluecats

Old portrait, by Jlmc1234567890

Her portrait without ahoge

Her portrait with ahoge

A gif of her portraits that were made by blue.

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