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Teony Blake belongs to the FANDOM user chloe. Please don't edit this page unless you either have her permission or you are doing an important edit. Also, please give critique on this character, as it could have room for improvement.

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Teony Blake has long curly brown into black hair that she sometimes pulls in a ponytail on braid with a light purple hat. She has brown eyes, with yellow framed glasses and freckles. Teony wears the default uniform unless customized by the player. Out of school, she wears a black sweater with skinny jeans, and black sneakers.


Teony is a girl who loves to hang out with people and is very talkative. She barely has a mean bone in her body, but she usually gets frustrated with things very easily. She loves to go on her phone and spends almost all of her time on it, so it’s with her at all times.

Teony has the Phone Addict personality, where if she witnesses a murder, she will snap a picture of any evidence (or if she witnesses the murder, she take a picture of them and the dead body).


  • Teony was originally owned by Kawai~Pandah, but then with admin permission, was adopted by SomethingYuno
  • Teony loves playing Minecraft. She has spent 300 dollars on Minecraft alone. (yknow those minecraft coins? yea, that)
  • why is she black.
  • also i apologize for her shit outside outfit, i can’t describe outfits for shit.