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Welcome to the page that will store almost all of Yandere Simulator's textures!

You all asked for it, and here it is! This page is created and hosted by MoonlightScars and Ptysia112 !

Also, we are all very sorry for the bad credit! If you notice that something is wrong (illegally used textures, edited textures that can't be edited, wrong credits, etc.), then please let us know in the comments! We don't want any problems or drama. We are all only people, and we aren't perfect. About NoicePotato's work, his official words are "You're allowed to edit, use it in mods, etc.", so his stuff is legal to use as long as he is credited! Thank you for your attention!

If you need any textures (example: Kizana’s white hair) you can find it here or ask in the comment section !

The section containing all the textures of Yandere-chan's hairs is not complete, and therefore some textures are missing. If I don't put them here, it's because we can't share them. If you find a texture missing, it's most likely because it is not allowed to be shared here.


-If you want to put a texture of something that isn't yours, first of all, ask permission and PLEASE GIVE CREDITS.

-If you find a texture here and you don’t want it posted, I’ll remove it as fast as I can.

-Do not post leaks here.

-Don't edit the names of the GameObjects unless the name was changed in the newest build.

-Feel free to edit, but be careful with what you put here. Remember, NO LEAKS!!

-Vandalizing this page is completely forbidden!

-If a texture says to NOT edit, then do not edit it.

-If you have a texture, but you can't put it here I'll try to put it here!

-Respect everyone in the comment section!

-The list section does not contain the name reference of the texture (except Yandere Chan's Hair list, buildings and "other" sections). If you want to know the reference name of any object, you can find the names in the "RefNames" page.

-You can add only textures from game files or edited textures by you. If you want to add someone else's texture, you have to get permission from the creator first!

-Every texture you post on this site is free to use in every mod and everyone have permission to use that!

-If you add edited texture remember to give information about the creator of it!

-If you mention this site or use it in any videos you make, please credit MoonlightScars !


-A really big thanks to Ptysia112 for her help! She is the one who helped me with the page and the organization of textures. Again, thank you so much.

-Thanks to IcyShark for most of the old hair textures! ^^

-Credit to ItsNoicePotato for Saki's casual outfit, the Occult Club member hairs and the teachers' hairs.

-Credit to MissDapperKat for the male customized blazer (The yellow one)!

-Credit to BonnieChanPro96 for her amazing blog, and textures. Check it out here: Aĺl the textures in yandere simulator; It's where I found most of the texture ^^ Thank you again! You helped a lot!


Here is a link to a page with ALL pose mod commands! (List by AMZE, not all commands here may work)

Link: PasteBin

Here is a tutorial on how to make custom portraits! (This needs the 14th February 2020 build and the old pose mode)

Link: Modding progress: Custom Portraits (Part 1)

Link 2: How to Make Custom Portraits

Links to older builds:

Link: YandereSim Archives

Link 2: yansimdl.com

Super helpful page with many pose mod commands:

Link: Modding/Cutscene Commands

Helpful videos with PoseMod Commands

Link: PoseMod Video 1

Link 2: PoseMod Video 2