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Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia


This is the list of textures that are used for furniture and the environment.



Blossom Petal

Red Blossom Petal

Blossom Petals

Red Blossom Petal Many

Blossom Petal Many


Walkway Top Left Corner

Walkway Top Right Corner

Walkway Bottom Left

Walkway Top Open

Walkway Corner Bottom Right

Walkway Open All Sides

Walkway Right

Walkway Bottom One Corner

Walkway Open Bottom

Walkway Two Corners Left

Walkway Diagonal


Walkway Straight

Walkway Bottom

Walkway Corner Bottom Left

Walkway Left

Pink Flowers Near Fountain

Yellow Flowers Near Fountain

Blossom Petal (old build)

Tree Painting 1

Tree Painting 2

Tree Painting 3

Tree Painting 4

Tree Painting 5



Big Clock

Nurse Exterior Window Frame

Exterior Window Wall

Exterior Wall

Exterior Spacer

Exterior Double Door Wall

Exterior Window Frame

Exterior Swinging Window

Grayscale Exterior Window Frame

Red tree (probably!)


New Fountain

New Bench

New Gate

Sliding Window

Small Sliding Window

Red Spider Lily


Backdrop Right

Backdrop Left

Backdrop Center

Backdrop Behind

Tree 1

Tree 2

Road 1

Road 2

Road 3


Road Only

Road Edge

CC Road

Running Track


wooden bench part 1

Wooden bench part 2


Background Sunny Left

Background Sunny Right

Background Sunny Back

Background Sunny Front

Clouds 1

Clouds 2

Clouds 3

Clouds 4

Clouds 5

Clouds 6

Clouds 7

Clouds Night 1

Clouds Night 2

Clouds Night 3

Clouds Night 4

Clouds Night 5

Clouds Night 6



Here is the list with corridor's textures (walls, floors, etc.)


Rooftop Floor

Rooftop Border 1

Rooftop Border 2

Ventilation Unit

Water Tank



Here is the list with classrooms' textures (walls, floors, etc.)

Classroom Floor Bottom Right

Classroom Floor Bottom Left

Classroom Floor Top Right

Classroom Floor Top Left

Classroom Floor Top

Classroom Floor Bottom

Classroom Floor

Yellow Table


Here is the list with clubs' textures

Cooking Club Textures

Minidogs sausages!

cooking club tiles (kitchen)

cooking club door wall (dining room)

Cooking club dividing wall texture

cooking club counter

Cooking club table

cooking club toaster

Cooking club ceiling (kitchen)

Octodog Plate

Cooking Club Fridge

Cooking Club Floor

Cooking Club Microwave

cooking club rug

Cooking club bledner

cooking club bookshelf

Cooking club single mini wini (I'm not sure what it's doing)

cooking club wall (kitchen)

Cooking club chair

cooking club coffe maker

Cooking club knife stand

Cooking club ceiling (dining room)

Cooking club window wall (kitchen)

Drawing about the club

Cooking club sink

Cooking club window wall (dining room)

Cooking club cutting table

Cooking club stove

Finger Food

Kitchenware Original

Kitchenware Current

Kitchen-Dinning wall

Cooking Club Kitchen Interior Double Door Wall

Cooking Club Dining room Interior Wall

Cooking Club Kitchen Interior Double Door Wall

Drama Club Textures

Drawing about the club

Drama curtains

Drama club's cat statuette

Drama club props 1

Drama club props 2

Drama club props 3

Drama club's paintings and carpet

Drama club's dresser

Drama club's lamp

Drama club's lamp ceiling

Drama club's plant

Shoe Row 1

Shoe Row 2

Costume Rack



Butler Prince Costume

Butler Prince Costume 2

Maid Princess Costume

Maid Princess Costume 2


Mirror Chest

Mask Hanger


Roses Vase


Drama Club Chair

Backdrop Rug

Occult Club Textures

Drawing about the club

Occult club's cup

Occult book

Occult club's skull

Occult club's bookshelf

Occult club's candles

Occult rug

Occult club's flool

Occult club's chair

Occult book 2

Gaming Club Textures

Drawing about the club

gaming club's table (under TV)

Gaming Club TV

Gaming Club Sign

Dance machine

Dance machine's screen


Anime curtain

Gaming Club Table

Anime Figures:

Chibi figure 1

Chibi figure 2

Chibi figure 3

Chibi figure 4

Chibi figure 5

Chess Girl Figure

Green Girl Figure

Heart Ahoge Girl Figure

Cute Night Girl Figure

Blue Girl Figure

Yellow Girl Figure

Pink Girl Figure

Tea Sugar Girl Figure

Evil Girl Figure

Long Sidetail Girl Figure

Masky Girl Figure

Pretty Ponytail Girl Figure

Orange Girl Figure

Sassy Girl Figure

Slot Girl Figure

Spacebuns Girl Figure

Photography Club Textures


Anime Poster

Miyuki Poster 1

Miyuki Poster 2

Miyuki Poster 3

Life Note Poster

Cooking Club Rug (also used in the Photography Club)


Photography club's curtains

Old Photography Club Chair

Anime Figures:

Tea Sugar Girl Figure

Chess Girl Figure

Green Girl Figure

Heart Ahoge Girl Figure

Cute Night Girl Figure

Blue Girl Figure

Yellow Girl Figure

Pink Girl Figure

Evil Girl Figure

Long Sidetail Girl Figure

Masky Girl Figure

Pretty Ponytail Girl Figure

Orange Girl Figure

Sassy Girl Figure

Slot Girl Figure

Spacebuns Girl Figure

Martial Arts Club Textures:

Lamp Texture 1

Lamp Texture 2

Drawing about the club

Martial Arts Club's Floor

Poster Courage

Poster Spirit

Poster Strength

Poster Wisdom

Art Club Textures:

Anime Canvas Painting

Tree painting

Table in Art club

Drawing about the club

Landscape Painting 1

Landscape Painting 2

Landscape Painting 3

Landscape Painting 4

Landscape Painting 5

Paint Case Texture

Landscape Painting 5

Portrait Painting 1

Portrait Painting 2

Portrait Painting 3

Portrait Painting 4

Portrait Painting 5

Volcano Canvas Painting

Paint Tubes

Cheerful Canvas Painting

Dark Canvas Painting

Abstract Canvas Painting


Mural 1

Mural 2



Light Music Club Textures:

Drawing about the club

Music club's floor

LMC Curtains

LMC Ceiling

Music club's sofa

Music club's sofa corner

Ayano's guitar


Drum texture


Drum seat

Cello Case

Lighted Mirror

Light Music Amp

Light Music Table

Light Music Keyboard

Light Music Chair

Light Music Sliding Door Texture

Light Music Stage Texture

Light Music Interior Wall Texture

Old microphone

New microphone

Standing Speaker


Band Poster


Science Club Textures:

Science floor corner top right

Science floor corner bottom left

Science floor bottom

Science floor corner top left

Science floor top

Science floor corner bottom right

Science hollogram texture (the base)

Robot Hologram

Science hollogram texture 3

Science hollogram texture 4

Science hollogram texture 5

Drawing about the club

Science Console 1

Science Console 2

Science club's door

Science Light

Science ceiling

Science Vial Holder

Science clyb's microscope

Science Tool

Science hollogram texture 2 (the light)

Science hollogram texture 2.1 (the light)

Science club's tables

Science club's changing room

Robot-chan Hair Texture (I'm adding it here because it works like an item.)

Science club's changing room's "curtains"

Science club's wall door

Science club's wall

Science club's changing room part.2

Science vial texture

Cleaning robot

Console Screen

Robot-chan Body (I'm adding it here because it works like an item.)

Mech Heartbreaker Darker


Potions Set

Gardening Club Textures:

Pink Flowers

Yellow Flowers

Light Pink Flowers

Blue Flowers

White Flowers

Drawing about the club

Gardening club's props

Gardening Club's path

Dirt (probably)

Wood Chipper

Student Council Room:

Council desk

Council Brack chair

Council floor

Council wall

Council long table

Council ceiling

Council Bookshelf

Guidance Counselor's Office:

Counselor Couch

Counselor Lounge Chair

Counselor Desk

Counselor Rug

Diploma 1

Diploma 2

Diploma 3

Diploma 4

Diploma 5

Nurse's Office:

basket texture

sunbed texture


Anatomy Model

Nurse window wall

Nurse double door wall

Nurse single door wall right

Nurse single door wall left

Nurse wall

Nurse column

Nurse's cabinet 1

Nurse's cabinet 2

Nurse Floor

Nurse Floor Top

Nurse Floor Bottom Left

Nurse Floor Bottom

Nurse Floor Bottom Right

Nurse Floor Top Right

Nurse Floor Top Left

Nurse Window Frame

Nurse's lamp

Nurse's sofa

Nurse's chair 1

Nurse's chair 2

Nurse's desk

Nurse Exterior Window Frame


Nurse Screen



Sport's club info

Gym exterior texture

Gym ceiling

Gym roof

Gym Second Floor Walls

Gym Doors Texture

Gym Floor Texture

Gym Miscellaneous/basketball basket Texture

Gym Inside Walls

Gym Second Floor, Floor Texture

Gym Stage Texture

Gym Curtaints

Gym Door Frames


Vaulting Horses

50kg Weight


Powder texture

Butler Prince Costume

Maid Princess Costume

Butler Prince Costume 2

Maid Princess Costume 2

Brush Set


Make-up box


Gym Backstage Texture

Swimming pool

Beach Ball

Basen Floor Tiles

Lane Line Blue

Lane Line Yellow

Pool Wall

Pool Stairs

Pool Shelf

Pool Bench

Pool Flags

Pool Chair

Pool Platform

Pool Ladder

Pool Awning

Pool Stairs Wall

Pool Floor

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Faculty Room Textures:

Faculty Props 1

Faculty Props 2

Faculty Props 3

Faculty Props 4

Faculty Props 5

Faculty Props 6

Faculty Props 7

Locker Room Textures:

Floor/wall 1 (old)

Floor/wall 2 (old)

Wall inside A

Wall outside

Gravel (old)

Wall C

Floor outside

Roof outside

Foot cleaner

Roof inside


Roof edge entrance

Wall inside


Wall Anti-Splash (That might be old)

Roof Entrance

Wall Outside site







Shower Hose

Tea House:

A lot of textures here are outdated because the tea house model was replaced as of May 19th, 2021. Please update them if you want.

Tea Book 1

Tea Book 2

Tea Table

Tea Doors

Tea Walls Outside

Tea Walls Inside

Tea Window

Tea box

Tea Magazine 1

Tea Magazine 2

Tea Roof

Tea Ceiling (in)

Tea Picture

Tea Tatami

Tea Ceiling (out)

Tea Lamp

Tea Room's something (I don't know what is it :C )

Tea cup

Tea Wood

Tea set

Tea floor

Tea pot

Sewing Room:

Sewing Club Lamp

Sewing Club Quilt

Sewing Machine

Sewing Club Fabric Shelf

Plushie Jangel

Plushie Golden Sun

Plushie Orange

Plushie Kubz

Plushie Mullaberry

Plushie Green Star

Plushie Blue Scar

Plushie Veggie Gamer

Plushie Bubble

Plushie BnW

Plushie Razz


Plushie Moon

Plushie Yellow Hearth

Plushie Bijuu Mike

Plushie Alion

Plushie Shelf

Other Rooms:

Black Carpet (from annoucement room and computer lab)

Floor Tiles



Ceiling All Sides Light

Black Ceiling (from annoucement room)

Command Console

Console Texture


Light Wood

Literature texture

Noise Canceling Foam (from annoucement room)

Aff Air Sign (from annoucement room)

Plaza Path

Storage Room

Storage Room Floor

Storage Room Wall

Storage Room Ceiling

Tatami mat

Tiles 1 (bathroom)

Tiles 2 (bathroom)

Tiles 3 (bathroom)

Torii Gate


Box Cutter Texture

Box Cutter Shadow

Occult Knife Texture

There will be shadow of occult knife :)

Basic Knife Texture

There will be a shadow of basic knife :)
There will be a texture of screwdriver :)

Screwdriver Shadow

Ayano's guitar

Katana Texture

Magical Girl wand

Scissors 1

Scissors 2

Scissors Shadow

Katana Case


Weapons 2


Here is the list with furniture (benches, fountains, etc.)

Blue bench

Pink bench

Black chair + desk, etc.

Blue chair + desk, etc.

Black chair council

Black Table

Mystery Portrait Texture


Blackboard eraser

Bonsai tree

Megami laptop part.1

Megami laptop part.2

tea box

box 1

box 2

box 3


Fire Extinguisher


garbage bag

garbage can


Buletin Board


Small Locker

Tall Locker

Chalk Blue

Chalk Green

Chalk Red

Chalkboard 1

Chalkboard 2

Marker Red

Marker Blue

Marker Green

box 4



Whiteboard eraser


Globe Texture

Old Clock Texture

Sewing Club's Lamp

Lamp and stand texture

Lamp Texture 1

Lamp Texture 2

Lamp Texture 3

Lamp Texture 4

Some things

Advertising Stand

Air Conditioner 1

Air Conditioner 2


Antique Telephone

Ancient Map

Annoucement Room Desk

Brown Chair

Bookshelftexture 1

Books texture

Bookshelf texture 2

Easel (from art club and art room)

Ceiling Projector

Chips 1

Chips 2

Chips 3

Changing Booth

Desk Props

Fingerprint Match

Kocho Bust

Office Chair

Pile of books



Snack Machine

Snack Pad

Soda Can 1

Soda Can 2

Soda Can 3

Soda Can 4

Soda Can 5

Soda Can 6

Soda Can 7




Vending Machine 1

Vending Machine 2

Vending Machine 3

Vending Machine 4

Vending Machine 5


Toilet 1

Toilet 2

New Fountain

Drinking Fountain



Yandere-chan's House


Basement floor

Basement floor texture (yes, the second one)

Basement Wall

Basement Ceiling