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The Clown is a mysterious clown and the serial killer at the Akademi High School in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode. He only appears in Nightmare Mode and serves as the main antagonist. He also returns in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2's Nightmare Mode and Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3, but this time appears in story mode as one of the two main antagonists.


A Mysterious Clown who eats humans as his prey. He is a serial killer.

He is the responsible for the murder of almost of all Akademi's population.

He is clearly not a human. He has some powers and abilities that would help him to hunt people down. I don't have a details where he came from.

You cannot outrun him, the best thing to do is to keep out of sight of him. When you hear his creepy voice, hide.


The Clown is very dangerous, deceptive, violent, evil and cannibalistic. He always stalks people and deceives them by mimicking their friend's voice to lure them into his trap and to proceed to devour them. He is also merciless because he only ignores people's pleas not to hurt them.


The Clown starts everywhere randomly in the Akademi High and patrols around, searching for the character. He will laugh or frighten the character while he's finding them. He constantly also places bear traps to get the character trapped and to have a chance to catch up to them. If he sees the player, he will run up to them and attack them, taking damage of their health. It is not very possible to outrun him because his movement speed is extremely faster and will still able to catch up to a player even if they are trying to run away from him. His attack deals a higher damage, which is very effective to lower the player's health. If the player's health has completely ran out, he will manage to proceed to devour them, resulting in their death, which it can lead to a Game Over. The Clown will also attack the character's friend and would also pay attention to them instead of a player like as if they distracted him. He will also sometimes grab the player or their friend when he catches up to them, triggering a QTE. If the player fails to perform a QTE or save their friend on time, they will instantly die. Like Ayano, the Clown cannot be killed with weapons and instead, it will only temporarily stun him to make him stop moving, but attacking him too much will cause him to enter enraged frenzy mode that makes him more dangerous and this kind of attack will instantly kill the player in one direct hit and this may not be possible to avoid with.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Speed - Can run really very faster that allows him to catch up on the character quickly.
  • Superhuman Strength - Can do a brute force that always give the character a massive damage.
  • Super Hearing - Can hear any loud noises far away from him.
  • Mimicking Voice - Can copy any person's voice and uses them to deceive anyone in order to lure them into his trap.


  • He is based on Pennywise the Clown from the 2017's film, It movie.
    • Unlike Pennywise, who usually only targets the children, the Clown would also attack adults since it is mentioned that he also murdered the Faculty of the Akademi High.
  • The document paper about the additional info of the Clown is found at the Gaming Club room.


Where are you...
You can't hide from me forever, little ones!
There is no escape for you...!
I know where you're hiding...
— The Clown frightening the player while he's searching for the character around the school.
Found you!
— The Clown sees the player and running towards them.
You can run, but you can't hide from me forever...young one...
Do you want to play hide and seek...?
— After losing track of the player.
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