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Mr. Iguchi, usually called as, The Yakuza is a criminal man and a major antagonist in GhoulGirls90's Fanon.


A man who has a reputation for making problems disappear but would cost a price.

He can be useful to you but if you need his help, you would just need to pay him $500 first, but some may carry a heavy price for him to help you out with your problems.


This man is with connections to Japan's criminal underground. His affiliations and methods are unknown, but he has a reputation for "making problems disappear" - for a price. He wants to be paid in cash, if anyone wants his help to erase their own problem.

The Yakuza is really willing to erase the problems such as kidnapping and eliminating Ayano's enemies if he's been paid with money. Some are cheap, but some would carry a heavy price.

He is tight-lipped about the ultimate fates of his victims. Does he assassinate them quickly and painlessly? Or does he do something even more sinister? He has only intention of revealing what happens to the students that he is supplied with to Yandere-chan, beside anyone else.


The Yakuza is very serious, quiet, calm and leaderly. He is helpful on disappearing the problems for a person but it would a cost money. He is never shown to be angry and always appear in serious look. The Yakuza would only show disappointment if ever any of his men fail him, although, all of them never failed him. If Ayano kidnaps a student to him because they caused more problems for her such as for witnessing her committing a crime but gets away with it, the Yakuza would record a video of him torturing and threatening a kidnapped student on not reporting Ayano to police for her crimes and uses this as a blackmail to their parents to also give all of their money to him. He would not also hesitate to execute a student if he senses they're really lying.


The Yakuza asks Ayano to do him a favor first before he could help her out to disappear her problems. He mentions to her that he has a younger brother who is often harassed by other delinquents, even though, he is one of them. He is also a student in her school. He couldn't tolerate his brother being offended by other people so he asks Ayano to help his brother deal with the delinquents that harassed him. He shows her the picture of his brother for Ayano to know what his brother looks like. The Yakuza leaves it to her of what she was going to do with the delinquents.

After completing his brother's task, Ayano must to talk to him again and he will thank her for helping his brother. The Yakuza's service will be then unlocked in pause menu where the player can select option to use him to dispose the problems.


Ayano Aishi

The Yakuza was not interested of Ayano at first when he is first met by her in the alleyway at Buraza Town and asked her to move along. However, he later eventually becomes interested of her when he unexpectedly witnessed Ayano committing crimes at Akademi High School. The police was called but were unable to connect Ayano to a crime. He assumes that she is very good at getting away with her crimes. The Yakuza decides to find out her problem and make offer for her to erase the problem for her but it would cost him a money before he could do her a favor.

If Ayano had used the Yakuza too much, she may become a criminal member to him and his right-hand woman because he will eventually find her trustworthy enough to recruit her as one of his minions. Every Yakuza has a tattoo at their back, so at this case, Ayano will most likely have one.

Shigeko Iguchi

Shigeko is the Yakuza's younger brother who is currently a delinquent in Akademi High School. His brother knew he's a yakuza and wanted to be like him, but the Yakuza couldn't approve the fact of his brother living with crime.


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Kencho Saikou

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Osoro Shidesu

The Yakuza was technically the responsible of Osoro's death. When Ayano had deceived Osoro into helping with her problem, she was only lured into the trap where the Yakuza and his men are. After witnessing this unexpected trap, Osoro tried to fight off the criminals but was then overpowered, despite her invincible strength. The Yakuza then captured Osoro. At night, he tortured Osoro and later executed her as Ayano watches her die.

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