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Toga Tabara is a male student who attends Akademi High in Yandere Simulator.


Toga has short, spikey brown hair. There are many random tufts of hair that stick out in all directions. His eyes are olive green. He wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player.


Toga is a loner. If he discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, he will run out of school and call the police. Besides his loner personality, if a camera is pointed at him, he will give the player a suspicious look before crossing his arms.


After changing his shoes, he will walk around different areas of the school examining different rooms. He will take a short moment to think, and then moves on. He eats his bento on the rooftop at lunchtime, and cleans the school plaza during cleaning time.


  • Togs was added on January 15, 2019 build.
  • He was the first student who was able to be poisoned with a sedative and headache poison.
  • He is the male guinea pig, meaning that several elimination methods for males were tested on him.
  • He and Kyuji Konagawa are the only loners who use the heroic camera reaction animation.