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Toko has long cyan-blue hair tied in a large ponytail, with green gradient bangs. She has green/blue eyes, and a fair complexion. She wears the default stockings with any uniform. She also wears headphones when playing video games.


Toko was born male in Tokyo City, and an ordinary child until the age of 6 when her classmates and teachers started to bully her. She eventually considered suicide but didn't go through with it. After a few years, she tried to change her identity to conceal herself and transitioned from male to female. This, however, did not stop the bullying. This continued throughout the next few years, until one day, when she transferred away from her old district and to a new one in Buzura town. She now lives happily in Buzura town with her family, however, she has gained anxiety and low self-esteem due to this.



She has a positive relationship with her Clubmates.


She loves her family with all her heart.

Most Students

She feels no real connection to people outside of her club unless they willingly interact with her.