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Tsubaki Uesugi is one of the female students attending Akademi High School in Yandere Simulator.


Tsubaki has short, cherry red hair that is styled into two small pigtails secured with brown bands. She has two braids that meet at the back of her head in a small ponytail. Her long fringe rests between her green eyes. She wears a small camellia on the left side of her head, fitting to her name. Tsubaki wears the default female school uniform unless customized by the player and wears a red watering can around her waist.


Tsubaki is a Social Butterfly. She will strike a cute pose if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder, she will run to a heavily populated area and call the police.

Tsubaki is described as being very spiritual and religious. She believes in the existence of Kami, ancient Japanese gods.


  • Her first name, Tsubaki (椿) translates to "camellia" in Japanese. Her surname translates to "cedar tree".
  • Tsubaki was implemented as an unprogrammed character on January 3rd, 2017. She was fully implemented as a functioning student on July 1st, 2018.
  • Back when she was unimplemented, Tsubaki had dark yellow hair and her eyes were a different shade of green.