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Peace! I'm BlueCat, but please call me blue! I'm a wiki contributor, and have been since January 13th 2016.

If you see this sign it means it is my page and always will be unless I ask for it to be deleted or my fanon is taken over.


Oh and uh

I'm happy to sayyyyyy

I've managed to reach the #7 spot on the board.

I'm not sure how long ago that was.

I ate a small rock once

I mean what?


I exist

So here's some shit about me. I do portraits (unprofessionally), Edits, Art, Occasionally I do YouTube videos, don't fuck with my friends or my son or my sons sons friends. I have a cat, and he's a nice adorable demon, and so is my brother. Without the adorableness. Usually.

Also, I really dont like when people are like,, assholes about gender things? It's dumb, just let the people be themself god damn.

My favorite pages

Current collaborations:

None, really

About my OCS

I have OCs and here some are i guess??

Cocoa Sakuta, A kind and sweet girl who has amazing cooking ability and social skills, and came from a very wealthy family. Despite these, she doesn't believe in herself or her achievements. What secrets could she be hiding under her sweet exterior?

Keko Sakuta, A harsh cold girl who has been gifted with artistic skill and is very protective of her sister. Also the leader of the art club. How can you use this to your advantage?

Choco Hoshiko, A kind and happy boy who is taking cooking courses and is a close friend of Cocoa's. He has good social skills, enjoying to talk to anyone. However, this changes in the presence of certain males. What could this mean?

Koneko Hayamizu, A shy but loud mouthed girl who isn't afraid to voice her opinion... with a very quiet voice. She has been practicing music for years, and has a promising future as a musician. How could she be a threat?

Some pictures

Random cat


Rainbow SCP.jpeg

Kisekae by Anton

Have some Kisekae of me

What I look like

Me again

Me with my user name

Another Kisekae with a different filename

Some questions I feel like answering

  • What made you want to join this wiki? I was bored of the canon wiki.
  • What do you prefer more, sweet or sour foods? I prefer sweet foods.
  • Yuri or Yaoi? I prefer Yuri over Yaoi... Idk why.
  • What pronouns do you use? Any pronouns are FINE, but I prefer They/Them, though sometimes I prefer He or She.
  • Favorite color? Alder, Pastel Violet, Pastel Cobalt, and Pastel Mint are my favorites.
  • Digital or Traditional art? Digital art looks nicer but Traditional art is easier to make.
  • Do you belong to any groups/clubs in your school/education system? I am in the student council, and lead the video game club.
  • Favorite food? Orange Icecream.
  • Favorite animal? Cat, obviously.
  • Any insecurities? My appearance, but I mean it's not TERRIBLE.
  • Any strange habits? I always seem to jump down the stairs at my home, even if I'm carrying something.
  • Fruit or chocolate? I despise chocolate if it's like icecream or not a candy bar or something, so I prefer fruit 99% of the time.
  • Coke or Pepsi? I have no opinion.
  • Anime or Manga? Usually anime.
  • Left handed or right handed? I can use both but mostly my left one.
  • Favorite OC? I don't really have one actually. If I HAD to pick, it would be a tie between 3; Keko, Cocoa and Koneko.