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Hello there, <insert name here>! My name is GhoulGirls90! I'm currently a rollback of this wiki since December 24, 2020.

I developed interest with this game since June 2020. I first joined this wiki on September 4, 2020. After seeing some cool fan made or custom portraits here in some pages, I became interested of making my own OC portraits. At first, I find it hard how to make like those portraits that were made by others, but I ended up finding it easy now how to make them by looking tutorial page and then I started enjoy making some. Currently, I'm now using skin textures, models, the command to make portraits for my OC Portraits so I can also have them with pose in their portrait and this seems to be better one to use for making custom portraits.

As of December 7, 2020, I have Unity3D 2017 and 2020 that allows people to make unity3d files with the fbx files (e.g. CuteHair.fbx). I'm used to converting the fbx file to unity3d file now and modding them into game but I still have problem dealing with the outfit models on attaching them on a student, although, I know how to deal with custom hairs now.

My Fanfic Pages

My facts about me

  • I like playing video games, sometimes watching TV shows, when I have free time.
  • I'm also mainly one of the administrators in PJ Masks Wiki.
  • I mostly like eating fast foods.
  • I love reading fanfiction stories.
  • I have high interest on playing PC and Android games.
  • Yandere Simulator, SOULCALIBUR VI, Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1/2, Doki Doki Literature Club! are currently my favorite games for now.
  • I'm the founder of Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami Wiki.

My favorite characters



My Main OC Character is...

"It's been a year since the deaths of other students and teachers in Akademi High. I still cannot believe it was Ayano and she got completely got away. No one else knew she was responsible of it. I'm glad Saki and Kokona are safe with me...for now. Akademi's rebuilt now, but its form is very much more different than before. It doesn't also feel like the same before; new students and teachers. I feel...saddened for what happened back one year ago. They didn't deserve this horrible fate. They deserve to live in peace, not die like this. But now... I feel I should do something. Something to avenge their deaths; expose her crimes to public. I will need to make a proof about her before I can report it to police. But I will have to find a safest path to do that. If it means to protect my remaining friends. If Ayano indeed was to kill them, I would never forgive myself. Ayano... you may have gotten away with what you did, but... I can assure you that... your peace and quiet won't last forever. Your crimes won't be forgotten...at all. I am going...to put a stop with your reign of terror."
— Simon Nakoruru, Intro in Future Mode

Name Simon Nakoruru

Martial Arts


Loner (formerly)
Heroic Loner


Saki Miyu
Himari Fujita (determinant)

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