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So far I am the creator of Kora Waifu, Miracha Miyu, Yako Ats, Ema Utsukushi, Kimi Kioko, Koto Kioko, Mitti Tashoku, Kitti Tashoku, Raburi Mi, Shai Ona, Minni Ona, Sumato Mi, Furu Ama, Ongaku Gara, Aka Gakusei, Kichohin Nijino, Ichii Noko, Shurui Najako, Ao Neko, Josei Satsujinsha, Marisode Wanai, Kanjo Narisuto, Ritoru Noko, Sukina Puritiku, Yumay Yume, Purofiru Gazono, Damatte Uwamuki, Shimai Gazono, Heikin Ijiwaruna, Inazuma Sendai, Akagi Uwamuki, Ichika Yudai, Nimi Koki, Yorozuya Korekara, Kioshi Kenta, Sutori Kureddo, Princess Lovely. So far i hope you enjoy my company with you and others. (>w<) But when you see these OC name's just look them up on the search bar if you want or just click the link FYI just click the link instead. And so far basically I own 35 OC's even though two of my OC's pages aren't created. Also of course my user name is The Basu Sisters.


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TheFunGame/ Futuristic Finale










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My Anime Crushes (I'm kinda shallow but just don't judge!!!) Or Animated Crushes

  • Kanato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)
  • Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Yukine (Noragami)
  • Syo Kurusu (Uta no prince sama)
  • L (Death Note)
  • Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)
  • Akise (Future Diary)
  • Yandere-kun (Yandere Simulator)
  • Budo Masuta (Yandere Simulator)
  • Sal (Wadanohara)
  • Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
  • Akira Midousuji (Yowamushi Pedal)
  • Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach) (Probably BAE)
  • Bardroy (Black Butler) (Also Probably)
  • Schrodinger (Hellsing)
  • Yumeno Kyasaku (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Ouji Kosaka (Future Diaries) (Maybe)
  • Nagata Shinichi (SAO) (Maybe)
  • Junichirou Tanizaki (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Kenjirou Minami (Yuri on Ice)
  • Ryota Mitarai (Danganronpa)

Sometimes I think of my kawaii baes as kittens!



Other Crushes

  • Waylon Park (Outlast)
  • Nice Cream Guy (Undertale)

Yandere Simulator Ships

Ayano x Budo

Saki x Kokona

Pippi x Ryuto

Senpai x Kokona

Senpai x Amai

Senpai x Kizana

Senpai x Oka

Senpai x Asu

Senpai x Muja

Senpai x Mida

Senpai x Osoro

Senpai x Megami

YandereDev x Midori

YandereDev x Mai

Ryoba x Yandere-chan's Father

Info-chan x Yui

Koharu x Hayato

Kokona x Riku

Saki x Sora

Mei x Ryusei

Yuna x Sota

Yui x Haruto

Yui x Yuna

Muja x Mida

Hanako x Budo

Ayano x Senpai

Budo x Osoro

Flame Demon x Sakura

Budo x Shin (OTP)

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Yaoi Ships (Not yandere simulator related)

Juuzou x Kaneki

Juuzou x Hanbee

Juuzou x Seidou

Rei x Nagisa

Yukine x Yato

Sebastian x Ciel

L x Light

Akise x Yuki

Kanato x Azusa

Eren x Levi

Undertaker x Grell

Yuri x Victor

Grell x William

Syo x Natsuki

Sal x Samekichi

Laito x Kanato

Grell x Sebastian

Rip van winkle x Alucard


Koutarou x Akira (Lizard Man LOL)

Akira x Onoda

Akira x Koutarou

Aoba x Noiz

Waylon x Eddie

Sebastian x Joseph

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Favorite Characters


Budo Masuta!!

Inkyu Basu!!

Sakyu Basu!!

All Of My Baes

Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

Yukine (Noragami)

Sal (Wadanohara)

Budo Masuda (Yandere Simulator)

Yandere-kun (Yandere Simulator)

Kanato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

L (Death Note)

Akise (Future Diary)

Grell Sutcliffe (Black Butler)

Syo Kurusu (Uta no prince sama)

Soul Evans (Soul Eater)

Akira Midousuji (Yowamushi Pedal) (Don't judge because i'm weird ok)

Bardroy (Black Butler)

And you guys ^^

User's Note: Just go to my anime crushes instead

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  • Steak
  • Yoai
  • Anime
  • Art
  • Yandere Simulator
  • My OC's and other people's too (maybe not always though)
  • Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia
  • Yandere Simulator Wikia
  • All my baes
  • Ships
  • Romance/Love
  • Reading yoai lemons
  • Making OC's
  • Making anime art or just regular art
  • Technology
  • Video Games
  • The song Stereo Hearts

    Nightcore - Stereo heart

    Besides it has Len on the thumbnail

  • Shotacon
  • Yoai hentai
  • Legend of Korra


  • Yuri and shoujo
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • This that annoy me sometimes
  • Fights
  • People that take the fun out of stuff
  • My long a** username

Kisekae's Junkyard

Lily Vora (claimed by TheFunGame)

Shota Rocku (claimed by TheFunGame)

Olo Cool (unclaimed)

Miley Watsuki (unclaimed)

Aura Suzu (unclaimed)

Samantha Just (claimed by Raytaygirl) 

Pink Hair Girl (lol sorry i just didn't feel in the mood to think of a Japanese name)

Ai Noonna (Unclaimed)

New kisekae for jy (Claimed by TheFunGame)

Clubs/Fanon Clubs

Meifwa Club:

Misaki Yuzuki

Kiwa Kiyoko

Hisa Hoshi

Jin Jun

Magic Club:

Ichika Yudai

More About Me (^3^)

  • I hate tomatoes, but like ketchup
  • I love steak!!!
  • Basically i love all the colors of the rainbow
  • I have a sister and a puppy
  • I draw a lot
  • I like to read lemons don't judge me i'm a ship maniac
  • I read fanfic mostly ships
  • Sometimes i love to insert terrible puns between my words, even explaining them
  • Hates school
  • I have an interest in Yoai and Shonen
  • I plan on dying my hair rainbow in the future
  • Keeps a journal
  • Goes on Yandere Simulator and the Fanon wikia
  • Loves anime and will be offended if someone says that it is inappropriate >:(
  • Plans on watching Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • I am a Tsundere
  • I am interest in fictional boys but not reality ones >:\ which i think are overrated. Sorry to the girls here who have boyfriends that are real :(
  • Has 2 sisters and 1 brother
  • In real life i have 4 friends
  • I am very curious
  • I am a Fujoshi
  • Scared of Spiders and Snakes
  • Stays up late
  • Listens to music very often and replays them because they are so good!! =D
  • My favorite Yandere Simulator Character is Inkyu Basu
  • My favorite Yandere Simulator rival is Amai Odayaka
  • My Yandere Simulator senpai is Budo Masuta NOTICE ME BUDO!!
  • I make OC's on Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia
  • I am sometimes Hotheaded. (but not on here most of the time)
  • I am good at drawing anime (kinda) (in progress)
  • Prefers to be alone when working (Commonly on this wikia or wikia's)
  • I am Catholic
  • I love Mango Smoothies and Sweet Ice Tea
  • I work alone on this channel despite the channel name
  • I love Youtube
  • I hate the cold SO MUCH!! >:(
  • People at my school used to think i was weird =(
  • Sydney is my real name
  • I like to watch Pokemon (I don"t really watch it anymore though)
  • My favorite song is Stereo Hearts
  • I am not very good at dancing
  • I am a Christian
  • I am good at art (but still in process) (^.^)
  • I plan on watching Uta no prince sama soon (probably)
  • I plan on watching Dramatical Murders (probably)
  • I might only have crushes on fictional boys until my hormones kick in

My Acquaintances

(Don't really know but communicated on this wikia or at least some people i have seen)

JaneOrJustMe (first acquaintance) 

Grapeleaf Skeletonizer 





Yuki Ona 





Strawberry Imouto 


Chloe Heartfilia








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Favorite Songs

Just Like Fire By Pink

Fight Song By Rachel Platten

Shut Up And Dance By WalkTheMoon

On My Own (From "Teen Beach 2")

Roar By Katy Perry

I Kissed A Girl By Katy Perry

If Only (From "Descendants")

(I Can't) Forget About You By R5

Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine 

So What By Pink

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) By Kelly Clarkson

Confident By Demi Lovato

Heart Attack By Demi Lovato

Girlfriend By Avril Lavigne

Ooh La La By Britney Spears

My House By Flo Rida

Whistle By Flo Rida

Good Feeling By Flo Rida

Wild Ones By Flo Rida ft. Sia

Super Psycho Love By Simon Curtis

Pretty Little Psycho (Harley Quinn)

Mine By Phoebe Ryan

Rather Be By Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne 

Cannibal By Ke$ha 

Take It Off By Ke$ha 

We R Who We R By Ke$ha 

Die Young By Ke$ha 

Crazy Kids By Ke$ha 

Tik Tok By Ke$ha 

Your Love Is My Drug By Ke$ha 

Really Don't Care By Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd 

Sugar By Maroon 5 

Headphones By Britt Nicole 

California Gurls By Katy Perry 

I Kissed A Girl By Katy Perry 

Cake By Melanie Martinez 

Hello By OMFG  

Take A Hint By Victorious Cast 

Closer By Chainsmokers 

22 By Taylor Swift 

Heartbeat Song By Kelly Clarkson 

Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen 

Last Friday Night By Katy Perry  

Bad Blood By Taylor Swift