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About Edna
Edna, also called Tsuyu or Moon is one of the admins and bureaucrat of this wiki since November 9, 2020. She is a trusted member of 8 communities, and she is a admin on 4 other communites. She is willing to help anyone in the need, so don't be shy and go ahead, ask her for help if needed !

More info about me : I'm a simp. Wait wait no delete that-

💛 My activities irl are mostly : Drawing; Writing; Watching TV, particulary...anime-yeah I only watch that.

💛 I also love animals, such as cats (I'm a cat person), doggies, and...snakes.

💛 Hmm, I love eating. But I don't feel like I need to eat either. Strange, right ?

💛 My favorite color is pink, but I also love aesthetic shades of colors, and red and black. Dn't forget yellow and light purple.

💛 My type of music ? Pop and...vocaloid-yes I'm a fan since I discovered Kikuo-senpai. My favorite vocaloid artists are Kikuo, and some other of mine are MARETU, Gumii, and I guess that's it. I also love Nico Collins, Melanie Martinez, Dua Lipa and more.

💛 My favorite anime for now...ehh, I don't have on-hol' up.

Edna's Activities
Edna is one of the admins and bureaucrats of this wiki, so her job is simple : she takes care, along with the other staff members and the owner, of the wiki and its design. She can sometime host meetings and updates, and she does major editing on the wiki. She also take care of discussions and she also takes an active role in those in resolving disputes and combating spammers/vandals.

Edna's Favorite Anime Character For Now is : Terushima Yuji