Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia
Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia

I banned the Dev, yay me


♫"You can't understand what lays ahead if you don't understand the past."♫


Hello my name is Legend but I also go by Lengend.

find and look at game [wip in progress]


Quotes to live by, mothafucka

"Cripple the limbs and then beat the shit out of it" -Lord Regent

"I kept using my saw to cut the dog down" -Swede

"I replace my letters with numberts" - Berry

"Tinkle tinkle little drinkle" -The bad guy from that one Hitman game, the cowboy dude/

"I don't care what people say about me! I know who I am and I don't need to prove anything to anyone." -Funny mustache man