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Almost a year ago, drama involving DreamcastGirl0101 and my sister Jackii/Hanami took place here. I really hate to bring this up again, but I feel it is (not completely) necessary, and my sister wanted to clear up some things too.

Words from me (Cathy)Edit

When Hanami was banned from this wiki, she was kind of depressed. She loves Yandere Simulator and she wanted to join the fanon wiki. She is pretty naive for her age, though she is also very chill. Back then she was best friends with Yume (or Ami in this case or something, she changed her name) she was on Yume's side until she saw the other side of the drama (lies, suicide threats, etc.) and then she decided to go against her, up to bullying her for bringing this community down a bit. But she has changed a lot (and has resorted to creating many new wikis and communities, along with making many new friends. I'm actually really proud of her.

Words from my sister (Jackii/Hanami)Edit

Hey. Uhh

It’s been a long time hasn’t it? It’s me. My sister let me type this and I want to apologize for what Yume has done, and I honestly feel like it was horrible for her to do this..

I don’t know if Yume has changed, but me and Cathy know that I have, and I also wanted to give a request for some of you admin peeps to please unban me, I miss this place so much and I wanna come back -.-

I understand if you guys don’t trust me. I’ve done many things beside Yume and I deeply regret it. I feel like this is kind of stupid because doing this was my idea (not Cathy’s) but I guess if it helps, I’ll just come out and help you all understand that I’ve changed. Other than this, I hope y’all have a nice day.

(p.s. If you guys decide to unban me, I hope y’all don’t have any intentions to unban Yume :)

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