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Yakara Oyuki is a character and currently one of the students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon.


She loves acting, since she was 5, she has been acting on stage. So, she joined the drama club. She is very cute and nice, so a lot of people like her.


Yakara has blonde hair that's usually pulled into two loose pigtails. There's a purple bow atop her head, matching her hairbands, which is her only accessory. She wears the default school uniform with white stockings.


Yakara has the Social Butterfly persona. She is a very happy girl who loves to make others happy. She gained a lot of friends and admirers with her kind and cute attitude. If a camera is pointed at her, she will do a cute pose. If she sees a dead body, then she will call the police and run to hide somewhere safe. If Yakara witnesses Ayano committing murder, she will go to a populated group and will call the police; if she sees you come close to her after arriving at the populated area she will scream, making people look at the murderer and will make the murderer's reputation go down. If the murderer continues to kill people in her sight, she will mentally collapse and hug her legs.


Yakara always lived a happy and cheerful life with her mother and her brothers. But one day, the girlfriend of her older brother broke into their house, and kidnapped her younger brother. The next morning, when they saw that he was missing, they searched everywhere, but they couldn't find him. They reported it to the police, but still, they couldn't find him. Yakara was devastated and couldn't sleep, eat, or smile anymore. She was broken. A few days after the incident, Meito (her older brother) broke up with his girlfriend, Aikina Yukida. He wasn't as broken as Yakara, but he couldn't have a girlfriend without his little brother home. As years passed by, nothing changed. Yakara was still sad, broken, and couldn't talk to anyone, and Meito too. But one day...she went to Aikina's house. Her door was open, so she searched for hours, and then, she heard Kiyotu. She continued to search for him, and she found him in Aikina's basement. She went to prison, and finally, everything was back to normal.


Cara Oyuki

Yakara loves her mother a lot. They spend a lot of time together and she enjoys spending time with her mother.

Meito Oyuki

Her older brother. They go to the same school and hang out a lot. Yakara loves her brother a lot, and would be devastated if something bad happen to him. She doesn't want him getting a girlfriend.

Kiyotu Oyuki

Her youngest brother. She loves him a LOT and she doesn't want to loose him again. They spend a lot of time together and she loves to play dress up with him. She taught him a lot of stuff about acting. She would be broken if something bad happen to him again.

Simon Nakoruru


Ayano Aishi


Saki Miyu


Aikina Yukida

Yakara hates her. She can't stand looking at her. If she could kill her, then she would love to. She doesn't understand how her brother dated such a heartless women.


Hello! Do you want me to show you around? Hihi~
— When she meets a new student
Oh! Well, it's nice to meet you!
— When the player talks to Yakara for the first time
Blood...? Uh, I doesn't feel safe here anymore... I should tell a teacher.
— If Yakara sees blood on the floor
OH MY GOD, NO! I need to warn everyone and call the police!
— If Yakara sees a dead body
AAAAH! How... How could you? You are a monster!
— If Yakara sees the player killing someone
Oh! You want to know if I need any help? Well, I forgot my bow in the Drama Club room. Could you please get it back for me, please?
— If the player asks Yakara if she needs help (Her task)
Oh...well, it's okay!
— Declining her task
Thanks! Please be fast!
— Accepting her task
You really helped me...thanks ! If you need anything, you can always ask me!
— Completing her task
Uh... what is that on your uniform... blood?
— If Yakara sees the player with a bloody uniform
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