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A Fanfiction by Igor.

This Piece of Fanfiction resulted in a remake of this, with even more story and characters than berfore.


Yandere-Chan Kidnaps Senpai then does horrible stuff to him.


(W/A: My first Yandere Simulator Fanfiction!)

Senpai was sleeping on his room.

..."BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" The Alarm Clock did a sound berfore Senpai turned it off.

"Let's see... The time is 6:00 AM. I have only 30 minutes to get ready for school." Senpai talked to himself.

[6:29 AM]

Senpai already arrived to school, he was greeted by Kokona Haruka.

"Oh, Hi Senpai!" Kokona Giggled.

"Oh, Hi Kokona. isn't the today sunny?" Senpai asked.

"Eh?" Kokona was mildly confused.

"Uh?" Senpai looked around.

Yandere-Chan was walking towards Senpai.

"...S-Senpai..." Yandere-Chan started talking to Senpai in a shy tone.

"Yes, Yandere-Chan?" He responded.

"I have a suprise for you..." Yandere-Chan slowly pulled out a Syringe with a Tranquilizer on it.

"What you're GOING to do with it?" Senpai asked.

"Hahaha, Nothing imporant." Yandere-Chan quickly injected it on Senpai's Neck.

Senpai fell asleep.

Yandere-Chan dragged Senpai towards a case on the Gym.

"OH MY GOD!" Kokona Haruka was shocked and ran away.