When Yandere-Chan kidnaps Senpai, she decides to do horrible stuff to Senpai. (Which are unspeakable, since I don't want to spoil them. They're painful, though.)

Chapter 1

Senpai walked to school as usual, a bit bored. He was waiting for some not-so-close friends of his to arrive. Yuki Suishou arrives to greet him.

"Hello, Yuki." Senpai said, greeting the girl quite casually.

Yuki glares at Senpai.

"Coward," Yuki mutters under her breath.

You see, Yuki and Senpai have crossed paths before. Once upon a time, Yuki was in love with a girl named Yandere-Chan, who is hiding behind a tree right now. Anyway, Yandere-Chan turned out to be in love with Senpai. Yuki was annoyed at this fact, so she held a grudge against Senpai.

Anyway, back to the story.

Miyoshi Mathias and Kokona Haruka walk on by, holding hands. They're in a relationship.

"Hi Mathias, hi Kokona." Senpai says.