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Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode is a third-person survival horror game created by GhoulGirls90. The player plays as some surviving students that still remains and has to escape the crazy yandere girl after making her become mad and insane due to sanity loss. The player has to find the keys to lead them to exit while avoiding being caught and killed by Ayano. The player would receive more rewards if they beat the game with their friends remain alive.


A group of Akademi High School students are being locked in and trapped in the school by a crazy yandere girl, Ayano Aishi after her plan to get Senpai's love ultimately failed and whole population of school turned at her due to being witnessed of performing a disturbing behavior. Knowing that Senpai will never ever love her and she would be unable to fix her reputation, Ayano became extremely insane and reveals her true nature. She murdered other students and the faculty but few students managed to evade her and hid at certain rooms. Unable to find the others, Ayano locked all the doors in the school, including the exit. Will these group of students find a way to escape this nightmare? Or will they succumb to this unending murder and face their doom in the walls of the school? The fate of these students' lives will affect depending on your actions on the story.

Game Modes

Nightmare Mode

This mode is unlocked if the player beats the main game. This mode will be always set at hardest difficulty and is very hard to beat this mode. In this mode, Ayano is replaced with the Clown. This takes place in alternate timeline where Akademi High is invaded by the Clown and Ayano does not exist. Amai and Osana are both the main protagonists of this mode and the only playable characters.

Difficulty of this mode:

  • The Clown's movement speed is incredibly faster and will always run to you or your friend like a ninja. It is not really possible to outrun him due to his movement speed and using stealth is ALWAYS extremely required scheme to do. Hiding from him or maintaining out of sight is the only the safest way to escape from the Clown.
  • The Clown will constantly set some bear traps everywhere in the school. Stepping on a bear trap will get character's leg stuck and damage their health. This will also trigger a QTE where the player has to rapidly mash the button to get themselves unstuck from a bear trap, however, while in this case, the Clown will sense that someone stepped on his bear trap and will rush to the location where they got stuck. They may only have a very short amount of time for a character to free themselves before the Clown shows up.
  • The footsteps can attract the Clown's attention and will go to where he hears the sound. Crouching is always recommended while walking around.
  • The health being damaged always leads to different one condition (e.g. The player is in Fine condition and they receive damage from the Clown, their condition becomes Caution (yellow). If damaged again, their health already becomes Critical.)
  • Health items will not be found, similar to Yanderous-Aggressive Difficulty in the main game. Because of that, the player should not to take any damage as they would not be able to heal themselves when they're in low health.

Survival Mode

Coming soon...


Before starting the game, customization screen will be shown where the player is able to choose which style of uniform the students will wear. There are six uniforms each for male and female students, making twelve uniforms total.

The students that have survived Ayano's attack are in some rooms serving as their safe room where the player will begin. The player has other students with them. Their mission is to find the key to exit by searching everywhere in Akademi High such as classrooms, club rooms, etc. The hallways are very dark because it's midnight already so the player will always have flashlight, but the light can also attract Ayano's attention and this would make her know that they found the player and run towards them. However, there are rooms are locked and can't be entered until they're unlocked with their key or something else. The player can find some useful items and tools that would help them open the various locks. Some weapons can be also found in some rooms that allows the player to temporarily defend themselves from Ayano but she cannot be killed because she is invincible as she is in snap mode and extremely unstoppable. The player and students with them will have health and if Ayano gets very close enough to them, they will attack them with her weapon to damage them. Sometimes, Ayano will tackle the character and attempting to attack them, triggering a QTE. If a student is with them, they will go their rescue and shove Ayano away from them. The player can also save the student if they also got tackled by Ayano. Ayano mainly uses knife but will also uses different weapons against the player. A friend being killed does not lead to a game over but this would lose a chance on getting achievement of it and having rewards. If a playable character runs out of health, they will be murdered by Ayano. If all of remaining playable characters have been killed, the game is over. At this case, the other students who is with them that haven't been killed yet will also die after a playable character dies because they cannot defend themselves from Ayano.

More info coming soon.


The player's health is very important for them to be taken care of. It is shown in the lower right beside the character in the screen, and is represented by an electrocardiogram (ECG). If the health is fully depleted, the character will be knocked out and be killed by Ayano as she will finish them off.

Depending on the condition of the character, the ECG will read the following:

  • Fine (green) - the character has none to minimal damage taken.
  • Caution (yellow) - the character has taken moderate damage, but health is still above half. They will start holding their sides and lower their heads. The character can still sprint faster, though. The heartbeat will start to be heard but in slow speed.
  • Caution (orange) - the character has taken significant damage, health is below half. They will start to limp and their movement speed becomes slower. Their sprinting speed becomes slower. They will lower their heads a bit more slightly. The red vigenetting effect will begin to display around the borders of the screen, starting in this state. The heartbeat sound becomes a bit faster.
  • Critical (red) - the character has taken major or massive damage and their health is almost gone. The character's movement becomes even more slower and this prevents them from sprinting faster. Their sprinting speed becomes more slower, while in this state. The heartbeat sound is very faster.

In "Caution (orange)" and "Critical" state, they can be disadvantage for the player because since this will also slower the character's movement, this would give Ayano a chance to catch up to them and they would not be able to outrun her for this.

Game Over

Game Over screen after the last remaining student dies.

If all of remaining students or playable characters in Akademi High have been murdered by Ayano, a cutscene will play of Ayano knocking out the last remaining student the player is currently playing as. The student wakes up and finds themselves in sewing room being tied on a chair. Ayano tortures them by stabbing them with her knife and then either decapitate, stab in the eye, burns them to death, etc. This would be a bad ending for a player.

In Nightmare Mode, if Amai or Osana runs out of their health, they will be incapacitated. They desperately tries to crawl away from the Clown, but the Clown ultimately catches up and grabs their legs and proceeds to brutally eat them, while they scream to their death. In additional, if both Amai and Osana dies while others we're staying at the Headmaster's office where they were waiting for both of them, unaware they were killed by the Clown, the short cutscene will play before leading to a Game Over screen.



  • Ayano's speed is very slow and can be outrun.
  • The health takes minimal damage when hit by Ayano or some of her traps.
  • Footsteps will not be heard.
  • Ayano will be stunned in 40 seconds when attacking her with a weapon.
  • The player has enough time to perform QTE if they're grabbed by Ayano.
    • If they fail a QTE, Ayano will manage to stab them, giving damage to their health.


  • Ayano moves normally and can be outrun.
  • Footsteps will be heard that can also attract attention.
  • Ayano will be stunned in 30 seconds when attacking her with a weapon.
  • The player has some time to perform QTE if they're grabbed by Ayano


  • Ayano runs a bit faster but can be still outrun.
  • The health always takes moderate damage when hit by Ayano or some of her traps.
  • Ayano will be stunned in 20 seconds when attacking her with a weapon.
  • The player has a shorter time to perform QTE if they're grabbed by Ayano.
  • In this time, Ayano has a chainsaw and will use it to decapitate the victims. This will instantly kill the student in one hit if they're attacked with a chainsaw by Ayano. It's extremely important to avoid this.


  • Ayano runs faster than you and cannot be outrun. It is recommended you keep out of sight or hide from her to avoid getting killed easily.
  • The health always take significant damage when hit by Ayano or some of her traps.
  • Ayano will be stunned in 5 seconds when attacking her with a weapon.
  • Health items will not be found in Infirmary room. The player should be more careful of a student's health as they would not be able to heal themselves or other students if their health is in critical condition.
  • Ayano has the cloaking device and sometimes uses it to turn invisible, preventing the player from seeing them, giving a disadvantage. The player has to carefully with her footsteps to avoid her around.
  • This time if the player fails to perform QTE while they're grabbed by Ayano, it will result to instant death.


  • Ayano runs really so faster like a ninja and cannot really be outrun. It is recommended you keep out of sight to avoid getting killed easily.
  • The health always take massive damage hit by Ayano or some of her traps that would instantly lead the character's condition to critical if they're in fine condition. This is also very dangerous because if the health is in caution or critical and they get hit, they will instantly die.
  • Ayano will be stunned in 2 seconds when attacking her with a weapon.
  • Ayano has the cloaking device and sometimes uses it to turn invisible, preventing the player from seeing them, giving a disadvantage. The player has to listen carefully with her footsteps to avoid her around.
  • Ayano will enter in enraged frenzy mode and her speed will be really very faster enough to catch the player to damage them if she's attacked with a weapon too much.
  • This time, a QTE will not display if the player is grabbed by Ayano, which also results to instant death. Because of that, Ayano's throw attack should be avoided.


Main game

Nightmare Mode


Main game

It depends on the player's progress in the story on how many students survived from Ayano. Once they've managed to find a way out and then later overcome Ayano when she blocks their way, they will be able to escape the Akademi High School. For some unknown reasons, the school violently exploded and its filled with flames once they finally exit the school building. The survived student/s is or are shocked upon seeing the explosion but then they hear the police sirens as they arrive to Akademi High. The policemen came out from their car and points their gun at the student/s, telling them to put their hands up. The Police Chief demands the officers to lower their guns.

Later, the remaining students are seen sitting down on the bench and they talked to each other about Ayano or they wonder about why Ayano was doing this nightmare to them (if only one playable character survived), while the police investigate the accident. They express their sadness about others being murdered and they never deserved this horrible fate.

Nightmare Mode

It depends on the player who are the remaining students survived at the end. They successfully unlocked the exit door but then they're confronted by the Clown.

More info coming soon.


Main game

Nightmare Mode


  • This game is based on the SNAP Mode in Yandere Simulator that can be only triggered if Ayano gets a game over for being witnessed by Senpai doing something violence, being a pervert or suspicious.
    • In this game, students instead run away from Ayano for their lives, who has become invincible after being ultimately rejected by Senpai. Unfortunately, Ayano was able to catch up to many of others.
  • Senpai is dead in this event because Ayano murdered him but will still have to deal with the remaining students in Akademi High School. Ayano had killed most of students and teachers but some managed to hide from her but when Ayano isn't able to find others, she locked up the whole exit doors in the school, trapping the remaining students to prevent them from escaping and the nighttime has reach out to them, because they were having hard time trying to escape Ayano without being caught.
  • Although, the students have their phone brought with them, they cannot call for help because Ayano is using the phone jammer with her that disables any phone call. This forces the students would have together on their own and find their way to exit.
  • If a playable character dies, the friends who are accompanying them will automatically die because they are incapable of defending themselves.
  • This takes place at Akademi High School during nighttime. The reason why is because the surviving students were having trouble trying to escape the school from Ayano without being seen by her and took them a lot of time so the nighttime has reached them.
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