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Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3, also known as, SNAP Mode: The Final Chapter is the final game of Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode Franchise and a sequel to its second game and a third-person survival horror game.


While heading home from Akademi High School, Yui is lured into a different school and someone else traps her in by locking the school down. Not only her, but there's another two girls who happens to be Natsuki, the vice president of the Literature Club and Okubyona, a member of the Cooking Club got trapped there as well and they are forced to work together to escape the school that apparently turned into like haunted place. Will the trio be able to find a way out of the haunted building?

Nightmare Mode

Like the two previous games, this mode takes place in alternate timeline.

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Story Mode

The player explores inside the unknown school while being trapped by an insane girl, Yuri Hiroki and the mysterious clown. The protagonist can also find any items that are weapons, medicines, keys in certain areas. They may only carry a limited number of items. Like its predecessor, the health that is represented by an electrocardiogram is seen at the lower right of the screen beside the character. The characters' current health can also be determined by their posture and movement speed. Using medicines is the only replenish their health. The protagonist is always joined by a support partner starting at the very first course of the story. These characters accompany the player in certain scenes. Unlike its predecessor, if any partner dies, it will now result to a game over. The player can now also fight the enemy without requiring to have a weapon by punching them but it will not kill them and instead, only stuns them to temporarily defend themselves.

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Nightmare Mode

In this game, the protagonist can find a firearm, but has limited ammunition adds a tactical element to weapon use.


The character's health is still once again similar to its first and second game. It is also shown in the lower right beside the character in the screen, and it is still represented by an electrocardiogram (ECG) but its appearance is different than the first game. Unlike the first game, if the health is fully depleted, the character will be incapacitated first as they fall on the ground and if they're caught by Yuri while a character is still recovering, they will instantly get killed.

Depending on the condition of the character, the ECG will read the following:

  • Fine (green) - the character has none to minimal damage taken.
  • Caution (yellow) - the character has taken moderate damage, but health is still above half. They will start holding their sides and lower their heads. The character can still sprint faster, though. The heartbeat will start to be heard but in slow speed.
  • Caution (orange) - the character has taken significant damage, health is below half. They will start to limp and their movement speed becomes slower. Their sprinting speed becomes slower. They will lower their heads a bit more slightly. The red vigenetting effect will begin to display around the borders of the screen, starting in this state. The heartbeat sound becomes a bit faster.
  • Critical (red) - the character has taken major or massive damage and their health is almost gone. The character's movement becomes even more slower and this prevents them from sprinting faster. Their sprinting speed becomes more slower, while in this state. The heartbeat sound is very faster.

Dying status returns in this game. When a character's main health is fully depleted, they become incapacitated and fall on the ground. They will recover but must be given enough time. This time, a bar no longer displays but the player should know that their recovering time takes two minutes. They must also keep the enemy away from them, while in this case. A character can be also resuscitated by a friend with them; this is the quickest way for them to recover. If a character takes any hit, they'll instantly die.

Game Over

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Story Mode

Nightmare Mode


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Nightmare Mode


  • Dormitory by Henake-chan
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