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Yandere Simulator: Shadow Mysteries is a third person survival horror game created by GhoulGirls90. The player controls Saki Miyu who was lured into a school and must find her best friend, Kokona Haruka who mysteriously disappeared.


Taking place between the events of Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode and its sequel.

A member of the Drama Club, Kokona mysteriously did not show up to her friend, Saki who was suppose to meet up with her at Maid Cafe in Buraza Town, which made Saki feeling worried for her. Kokona had been missing for three days. Fearing she might never see her friend again, Saki insists herself to find her friend and hopes that she is safe. Suddenly, passing by the unknown school that apparently haunted, a mysterious laugh lured Saki into that place and locks her in, trapping her. Would Saki find Kokona here in this haunted school and bring her to safety?



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Game Modes

Prototype Mode

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Survival Mode

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  • The health only takes a small amount of damage when hit by an enemy.
  • QTEs will be performed automatically.
  • The enemy's speed is slow and can be outrun.
  • The enemy's stun is 40 seconds.


  • The enemy moves normally and can be outrun.
  • The enemy's stun is 30 seconds when attacking them with a weapon.
  • The player has some time to perform QTE.
  • The health takes minimal damage when hit by an enemy.


  • The enemy moves a bit faster but can be still outrun.
  • Each enemy's hit always takes moderate damage to a player's health.
  • The enemy's stun is 20 seconds when attacking them with a weapon.
  • The player has a shorter time to perform QTE.


NOTE: This difficulty is locked at first. The player must beat the story mode in Monster Difficulty once to unlock this difficulty.

  • The enemy moves faster than you and cannot be outrun. It is recommended you keep out of sight or hide from her to avoid getting killed easily.
  • The health always take significant damage when hit by Ayano or some of her traps.
  • The enemy's stun is only 5 seconds when attacking them with a weapon.
  • Health items will not be found in any certain areas. The player should be more careful of a character's health as they would not be able to heal themselves if their health is in poor condition.
  • If the enemy has the player in their sight, they will stalk at them and make a surprise attack on them.
  • This time if the player fails to perform a QTE, the character will instantly die.
  • Starting in this difficulty, if the enemy is attacked with a weapon too much, they will enter in enraged frenzy mode and their attack and movement speed will become more faster, making them more dangerous.


NOTE: This difficulty is locked at first. The player must beat the story mode in Demonic Difficulty once to unlock this difficulty.

  • The enemy moves more faster like a ninja and cannot really be outrun. It is recommended you keep out of sight from her to avoid getting killed easily.
  • The health always take massive damage hit by the enemy that would instantly lead the character's condition to critical if they're in fine condition. This is also very dangerous because if the health is in caution or critical and they get hit, they will instantly die.
  • The enemy's stun is only 2 seconds when attacking them with a weapon.
  • Performing a QTE require quicker reaction time and more complicated combinations, as well as instant failure upon pressing the wrong button.


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Game Over

If Saki has completely depleted all of her health, she will be knocked unconscious and then gets dragged away by an enemy who KO'd her or will get decapitated/dismembered if she's attacked with a sharp weapon by an enemy on while her health is almost gone. If knocked unconscious, a cutscene will play. Saki finds herself being tied in a rope. A taller woman shows up to her in a wicked smile. She drags Kokona's corpse with her jaws ripped off in a view, horrifying and shocking Saki on witnessing her friend's death. A taller woman then slowly approaches traumatized Saki who desperately tells her to get away from her but to no avail. The woman will either dismember or devour her as Saki screams in pain to her death. After the cutscene, the game over screen will be shown before leading back to main menu.



  • This is the part where the story of Saki and Kokona ends.

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