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Yanosuke Kinagawa is an OC created and owned by CutyCat and Nasu-Ka Ame. He is one of the richest students in Akademi. He is the current boyfriend of Nakami Ame and loves her dearly, to the point he will kill anyone that dare to mess up their relationship. He also leave with a heart disease, and so he will most likely die before his 30's. He prefers not to think too much about it and live his days in peace with his girlfriend. However, there will be a mini game in which Nakami can save Yanosuke from the heart disease which brings her into the past.


Yanosuke will appear in a cutscene before the game even starts, in fact, 5 years before. Yanosuke will be present and will be shown being bullied by two students. However, Nakami steps in and defends him, yelling at the students. That will trigger his love for Nakami.

In Game Outfit

Yanosuke, being a prefect, wears a red and black blazer and has black and white fading hair. This blazer resemblances the Kakegurui School Blazer.


Yanosuke wears a red and black gradiented swimsuit with white tiger stripes on it. This is hardly ever used, although, the same can’t be said about his casualwear


Yanosuke will wear a black coat and a red sweatshirt underneath it.


Yanosuke, being a Social Devoted, will try to protect his friends, and beloved from harm. This shows how much he cares about his friends and what he is willing to do to protect them from harm. His life can be compared to that of a high risk-taker’s life, due to his constant trying to save his friends.




Yanosuke used to be a cheerful young boy, that is until his mother died. She was assassinated when he was a young boy. He fell into a Great Depression, and his heart became empty, causing the heart disease. He vowed to never show emotion to anyone, that is until Nakami stepped in and defended him from bullies. He became more social, and opened up to more people. He lives with his father, currently. Nakami can save him from his disease if she goes back in time to when his mother was assassinated in front of him. She, along with the help of her brother will apprehend the assassin. He has a long lost brother named Yasu Kinagawa who will come to find him around after the part I described.


Nakami Ame

Yanosuke loves Nakami, and will do anything to save her in any scenarios. He will be an obstacle in eliminating the Amewara family if you choose to. He stays by the incinerator during the first week, after all.

Nasu-Ka Ame

He thinks highly about Nasu-Ka. He sticks to formalities when around him.

Hisui Tsuki

Amao and Yanosuke’s friend from grade school. They usually walk to school together. Yanosuke has no idea that his friend isn’t human.


  • Yanosuke’s blazer is obviously a reference to the Anime and Manga series Kakegurui!
  • His original hairstyle was going to be all white, but was scrapped due to consideration.
  • He remembers from childhood, memories of when he and his mother would go to a bakery that is in Shisuta Town
  • It is uncertain if Nakami saved Yanosuke first, or vice versa

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