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Yasu Matsuoka belongs to the FANDOM user chloe. Please don't edit this page unless you either have her permission or you are doing an important edit. Also, please give critique on this character, as it could have room for improvement.

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Yasu Matsuoka is an OC created by .kxmxrebi..


Yasu has messy short hair dyed black. She usually wears a grey beanie with cat ears. She has orange eyes and wears round blue glasses. Yasu has a light complexion with freckles on her nose and cheeks.

Yasu wears the default uniform unless chosen by the player. When at the gardening club she wears a green apron and floral gardening gloves.


Yasu is mainly an extrovert; She loves talking about the latest games, or her plants. She doesn't like to talk to people she does not know, leaving conversations to be a bit awkward. People have a hard time to convince her about things like if sparkling water is good (it's not). She lives with her mother, who inspired her to start growing things. She is mostly a pervert.

Yasu has the Social Butterfly persona. When she finds a corpse, Yasu will go to a place with people (like the plaza, or a classroom) and call the police. If she witnesses a murder, she will run away to a place with people and call the police. If the player approaches her when she witnessed them murder someone, Yasu will beg for them to spare her.




  • she's a confirmed jojo fan, along with some other ocs i have

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