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Yui has a messy scarlet-colored sidetail that goes to her shoulder. She has dark brown eyes that have a reddish tint to them. She has pale skin due to pretty much always being inside.

Yui's build could be described as an ectomorph- her being around 4'7, making her shorter than all of the Rainbow 6.

Yui's uniform is the default uniform, however it's usually pretty unkempt. She wears scarlet-colored stockings/


Yui has the Coward persona. She will beg the murderer to spare her if she witnesses murder. If she's in a crowd, she will run out of the school.


Most people describe Yui as sarcastic and pessimistic, usually making some sort of sarcastic comment whenever anybody says something.

Yui is also considered a coward, often backing out of a situation when she realizes she can't win.

She's also clingy, often clinging to her friends, and she's very dependable on them.


  • Mei Mio

Yui's crush. However, Yui knows Mei is straight so she hides her feelings.

Mei is Yui's security blanket

  • Ryoko Asano

Yui and Ryoko eat lunch together. They are actually twins separated at birth- however neither of them knows this.

  • Saki Miyu

Yui hates Saki with a passion- she will do anything to get revenge on Saki.

  • Kokona Haruka

Yui hates Kokona for bullying her.


Yui's task is to get revenge on Saki for bullying her. You can only ask for her task when she's alone.



— -Asking a favor from her
— -Being complimented
......fuck off
— -Being complimented too much


— -Witnessing murder
— -Seeing someone insane
Ketchup, huh.
— -Seeing blood
Hell no. I've accomplished too much to die now.
— -Seeing someone insane, bloody and holding a weapon
Boo-hoo, you got murdered
— -Seeing a corpse
H-how could you?
— -Witnessing Mei, Koharu or Ryoko's murder