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Yukado Keisu is a character and currently one of the students in Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon.


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Yukado has long blue hair, dark red eyes and she wear black glasses. She wear the default school uniform with tan stockings. She is one of the female student that attend Kamenuri High. e. She will appear in Week 0. She is very serious and doesn't smile often, and when she talk it's very formal.


Yukado has the Teacher's Pet Persona. If a camera is pointed at her, she will stand for a few minute, after she will leave and ignore the player. If she see a dead body, someone acting crazy or blood on the floor, she will go to the teacher's room and report them what she saw. If she witness Ayano killing someone, then she will run to Simon and tell him what she saw.


Yukado was an only child. She never saw her father, and she never had any brother/sister, but she had her mother. They spent a lot of time together. When Yukado was 5, her mother gave birth to her little brother. After this, we could easily tell that she was jealous of all the attention he needed. So, she decided to do everything on her own. She was very smart at school, she never missed an opportunity to show it. The only problem is that she never had any friend, except Amara Taoiku. When they first met each other, Yukado tough that Amara was gonna bully her, but exept of that they became best friend. After they entered High School, she made new friends, but she still hanged out a lot with Amara. But it didn't lasted long. Some week later Amara became the student council president, without even knowing that she stole the dream of her bestfriend. Since that day, Yukado is alway trying to get better at everything to be the future student council president, and get revenge on her supposed "best friend".


Ayano Aishi

Coming soon...

Simon Nakoruru

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Naomi Keisu

Yukado love her mother a lot. She would do anything for her. They are very close to each other.

Mokaro Keisu

Her little brother. Yukado is very jealous of him, because he is taking all the attention of her mother, but inside, she love him a lot, and would be devasted if something bad happen to him. When her mother is working, Yukado need to take care of him.

Amara Taoiku

Amara was the best friend of Yukado. Her first friend, to be honest. They doesn't talk anymore, and Amara is still searching why. Yukado would be very sad if Amara died, and could not stand it, and would feel guilty. Yukado is very jealous of the fact that Amara is the vice-president of the student council, but inside she is very proud of her, she just hide it very well with her jealousy.


Hello. Do you want me to show you around ?

-If she meet a new student

It's nice to meet you.

-If the player go talk with Yukado for the first time

Blood ? I should tell a teacher...

-If Yukado see blood on the floor

NO ! How could this happen ?! I need to warn a teacher !

-If Yukado see a dead body

Oh my god ! / Simon ! Ayano Aishi from class 2-1 just killed someone ! We NEED to get out of here ! Fast !

-If Yukado saw the player killing someone

Uh ? You want to know if I need any help ? / Well, there is something you can help me with... I lost my favorite book. The last time I had it it was in the library, but when I went back it disapeared ! I'm sure it's one of these bully who took it... Would you be willing to get it back for me ?

-If the player ask Yukado if she need help (Her task)

Oh, okay. I understand.

-Denying her task

Oh-Really ? You'll help me ? Thank you...

-Accepting her task

You-you got it back ? Well, thank you. You deserve my trust.

-Getting her book

You should be more careful with paint.

-If Yukado see the player with a bloody uniform


  • She was the first rival of Kisa Kisake simulator, CutyCat's cancelled mod.
  • She has a special elimination method.
  • She never dated anyone.
  • She doesn't know her father.
  • She never wore makeup. Never.
  • She is as formal and serious as Kuroko Kamegana.
  • No one has ever saw her smile, not even Amara.
  • Before the massacre of the Akademi High, she was friends with Kuroko Kamenaga, Kuu Dere and Megami Saikou.
  • She never dated girls.


Yukado Portrait - Fixed by Ptysia112 !

Yukado's portrait made with pose mode

Yukado Pose

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