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Yukari Akayouka is a non-canon student that currently attends Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is also one of the remaining students that attended Akademi High last year, but changed schools in the middle of the year.


Yukari is the sister of Ami Akayouka, and she is one of the students that attended Akademi High School last year. She changed schools in the middle of the year because she was getting bullied. Yukari is also one of the member of the music club, the vice president. Good job making her think you weren't the culprit behind the massacre of the Akademi High. But, watch out. I heard her sister is coming back in a few weeks, and you won't be able to trap her sister THAT easily...


Yukari have blue hair tied in a ponytail, pink eyes and makeup. She wears a pink and green japanese sailor uniform with long gradient pink-green stockings. When attending to her club, she wears a pink light music pin in her hair.


Yukari is a very nice and energetic person. She is always exited to do the most boring things. Like her sister, she also cannot tolerate violence. If she sees any sort of violence, she will do everything she can to stop the culprit. Last year, she was more shy and reserved, and her only friend was her sister. Both of them moved out of the school in the middle of the year, since her sister found out that Yukari was getting bullied. They escaped the terrible incident that happened at Akademi High, and Yukari regrets not being there to able to save some of her friends.


Yukari have the Social Anxious persona. When pointing a camera at her she will strike a cute pose. If she witness murder she will apprehend the player, if she sees a dead corpse, she will snap a picture of it and run away. If she witness Ayano murdering or attacking one of her friends (especially Simon), she will immediately take her down and knock her out without entering mini-game struggle.


Simon Nakoruru

Simon and Yukari are really close friends. Yukari admires Simon's personality and fighting skills and consider him as a true friend. She is also aware of his crush on Saki, and sometime tease him about it.


This person is Yukari's crush. No one know who can it be, not even Simon...

Kanan Nakoruru

As Kanan is a friend of her sister, she also consider Kanan as a friend. She is also scared of her a little because of her hot-tempered nature, and tries her best to not get her pissed too much.

Ami Akayouka

Yukari loves her sister a lot and care a lot about her. They have a strong relationship together.

Ayano Aishi

Yukari is unaware of fact that Ayano was responsible behind the massacre at Akademi High School last year, but became suspicious when she unexpectedly saw Ayano alive in her brand new school. However, Yukari let her guard down when Ayano deceived her about being able to survive from the incident.


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