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Yuna has mustard-yellow dyed hair tied up in a curly sidetail. She has green eyes and a dollop of freckles on her face.

Yuna is said to have a smaller frame, which is seen as cute. She wears a yellow cardigan along with the default Akademi uniform with bright yellow stockings with daisies on them.


Yuna has the "Social Butterfly" persona.


Yuna is peppy and optimistic, often being the sunshine of her friend group. She tends be carefree, and throw caution to the wind. Yuna is regarded as cute and peppy by her classmates.


  • Juku Ren

Yuna's crush. She often stares dreamily at him in class and is planning to confess on Friay

Yuna often addresses Juku as Juku-kohai

  • Yui Rio

Yuna and Yui are often seen together- however Yui is rather clingy to Yuna.

  • Saki Miyu

Despite Saki being...well, a bitch, Yuna and Saki are friends. Yuna, Kokona and Sora are the only ones that Saki is nice to.

  • Kokona Haruka

Yuna and Kokona are the matchmaker friends- they started an anonymous site to matchmake people.

  • Saika Momoiya

Yuna finds Saika's demon complex weird, but tries to get along with her nonetheless. She can only really stand Saika for a few minutes, if even that.

  • Ryoko Asano

Yuna and Ryoko are friends, and have known each other since they were 10. Yuna is unaware of Ryoko's crush on her, and is oblivious to it.

  • Mei Mio

Mei and Yuna study together, and are close friends.


  • Yuna loves daisies, and flowers in general