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Yuri Hiroki is a recurring character and one of the current students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon and the main antagonist of the game's sequel, Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2, one of the two main antagonists in its final chapter and one of the three deuteragonists in its Nightmare Mode. She is a member of the Literature Club.


A serious and mature girl who often argues passionately and aggressively with Natsuki over their differing opinions on writing styles. She is a bookworm as she usually spends her time on reading books.

Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2

Yuri is a member of the Literature Club who was once popular student but was eventually got kicked out by the vice president for some reasons. As a result, Yuri sinks into depression and her grades began to drop. Being kicked off her favorite club has also result her to develop and suffering from personality disorder. The truth is... this girl was also taking revenge on Natsuki as a vice president and all of you because some started ruining her reputation for witnessing her doing something strange, disruptive and weird.

I'm sure you don't know how that happened since you were absent from school on that day, so I'll tell you...

Just at 1:12 PM, Natsuki had an heated argument with Yuri for something...I don't know. Ask your vice president about that. After that, the vice president decided to remove her from your club and it badly...impacted her. The purple-haired girl started remaining herself alone and didn't talk to her friends anymore. She was also caught doing something...strange and weird that disturbed other students. Because of that, her reputation began to fall when they started gossiping about her behavior.

In the end, this girl has completely lost of her sanity and became dangerous, murderous and flied into rage that made her kill other people. Her ultimate goal was to eliminate Natsuki as a revenge for kicking her out of her club and everyone in your school. I'm afraid that includes...you. I can't tell what to do with her so I'm leaving it to you.

Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3

You're probably unaware about what happened 4 weeks ago but I must have you informed of this... There's this girl "Yuri Hiroki" who's also a student in your school. That pink-hair girl you're with right now, kicked her out of Literature Club because they had an heated argument for something. Ask her if you want to know why. 4 weeks ago, after she recently got removed from her club, it seemed to have affected her sanity because some begin to witness her sudden strange behavior. Until then, she became insane and dangerous that Yuri attacked Akademi High by murdering all other students and teachers. The good news is some students who were kinda braved enough had managed to stop her. Apparently, Yuri had to be put down out of her misery to end her reign of terror. Unfortunately, the bad news is she survived from her wounds and I can tell she's still alive. When she was supposed to be brought to hospital in the morgue, she suddenly woke up and killed the people in ambulance and then she escaped.

I must warn you that Yuri is here in this school and she's the one who locked you trio up in that school. I can tell you and your two friends are in danger because she is there to kill you all. If she sees you, you better run away from her. I know you can fight and you're brave but don't think you can beat her in fight, she also has incredible strength that can probably overpower you. That's all I can tell you for now.


Yuri is a dandere, since she is quiet and unlikely sociable, being too shy to talk to others. She easily gets startled when someone calls her name when reading her book. She is a bookworm as she mostly spends a lot of her time reading books.

Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2

Yuri was once a normal person that she was cheerful and energetic. She is overjoyed being in her favorite club, but unfortunately, it didn't last long. She was kicked out of Literature Club by Natsuki as a vice president, when they had an heated argument for something. This resulted her to become emotionless and cold.

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Yuri has the Heroic Persona. For Ayano, if a camera is aimed at her, Yuri will give a suspicious look. In opposite, if Simon is aiming his camera at her, she will give a happy pose as she also knows him of being the main popular student of Akademi High School. If she witnesses Ayano committing a murder, Yuri will apprehend her. If she also sees her attempting to kill her friends (Sayonika and Natsuki), Yuri will be enraged and her strength would be more stronger.


Yuri will randomly start everywhere in the Akademi High School, searching for the player to kill them. She will constantly laugh evilly or frighten the player while she's searching. She will scream loudly, everytime she sees the player or their friend and would run towards them. When close enough, Yuri will attack them with her knife or punch them with her fists and kick them, damaging the character's health. Sometimes, she tackles the character, triggering a QTE. If the player fails to perform a QTE, Yuri will manage to proceed to damage their health or instantly kill them if they're in psychopathic/aggressive mode difficulty.


Sayonika Nayomi

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Natsuki Hayomori

Yuri is friends with Natsuki. She often argues passionately and aggressively with her over their differing opinions on writing styles.

In Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2, during Sayonika's absence in their school, Yuri had an heated argument with Natsuki for something. This causes her to get removed from her club by Natsuki, probably due to being fed up with her. Their friendship probably ended due to their argument. To her horror and shock, Yuri was very impacted by this and causes her to feel empty and depressed. Natsuki's actions resulted Yuri to develop a personality disorder. She soon slowly burning in rage and starts to lose her sanity. She also gets a grudge towards Natsuki for kicking her out of her favorite club. Yuri starts to plan getting revenge against her former friend.

Monika Yoshimitsu

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Sayori Hinamoto

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  • She is based on Yuri from the Doki Doki Literature Club game.
  • In Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2, she can never be reformed after becoming enemy because she is very adamant of exacting her revenge towards Natsuki. She will also kill all of her friends and all people in Akademi High, even though, they didn't wrong her anything and wouldn't spare any of them due to her disorder.
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